About coach
Jacinthe Brown

As a child, I spoke loud and clear about the dream of competing in the Olympics. Passionate about sports, I was an elite athlete and Level 3 coach (National Coaching Certification Program certified) in synchronized swimming for over 15 years. Those years gave me the chance to participate in many high-level competitions and to train elite athletes in Quebec and Switzerland. It was during this time that I honed my skills in goal setting, stress management, training planning and resilience.

I worked as a manager for more than 26 years. Surrounded by executive teams and professionals, I have deepened my knowledge of politics, syndicates, community organizations and the challenges they face. During these years, I have learned to master important concepts such as interpersonal and professional skills, active listening, trust, partnerships, emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication, team mobilization, coaching, strategic planning, priority management, organizational changes, leadership development.

Today, I feel a desire for change, an impetus: I want to connect with my mission, my passion. I have a deep need to help improve work climates and to realize, in my way, my dream to participate in my own Olympic Games.

Like many, my journey has led me to a career, life, and personal development transition. After two years of training with the fabulous team at Coaching de gestion (trainer of great leaders), I became a professional coach. I now have the privilege to guide high-performing individuals dedicating themselves to their well-being and their best accomplishment. This transition is my chance to build trust with my clients, to share my passion with them and help them through their challenges. It’s my opportunity to make the world a better place, achieve great goals… And live my Olympics. Thank you so much!

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  • The positive psychology assets – Resilience
    Managing the change
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  • Managing employees with behavioural problems
  • Welcoming and growing new employees – Mobilizing diverse teams

About Actum Coaching

First, as an athlete, during my years of intensive training, the idea of coaching emerged. Then, during my studies, the desire to run a multidisciplinary services company appeared. It was while following my own personal coaching process that my life change for good and that Actum Coaching spark was ignited.

The Origins

I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and passion. It is during my life as an athlete that the idea of coaching emerged. An athlete can truly reach his or her full potential when guided by a dedicated, caring coach who plays his or her role well. I was still so passionate about my sport when I started to coach… My athletic career and my transition to retirement didn’t go well and, deep down, I wanted to be in the pool among the swimmers I was training. I loved to coach, but I couldn’t keep up with my mission and didn’t like the coach I had become. I was unhappy and I decided to leave the coaching world.

After my studies in Physical and Health Education, I quickly became a manager. During this time, I often thought about starting a business, about becoming my own boss. I didn’t always recognize myself in the corporate culture. I was sometimes managed in a way that didn’t suit me. Over the years, with this experience, and as I improved my management style and leadership skills, the idea of coaching came up again. Guiding, inspiring positive behavioural changes, humanizing and making different environments healthier: that was my mission. I wanted to coach managers, professionals and athletes as I would have liked to be coached. Soon after, at my workplace, I had the opportunity to mentor. I was finally feeling a sense of belonging. Without knowing it, I began to coach. I was becoming an inspired, inspiring, courageous and more humane manager.

Later, my boss offered me the opportunity to be followed by a coach. I experienced the change I was hoping for: the benefits of my awareness, the understanding and resolution of my barriers and the decision-making it took to reach my full potential. The changes I wanted happened at a great speed. Inspired by my feeling of trust, the quality of the bond I had and the actions that I was now able to take, I concluded that my career transition had to be done without delay. Left with no dream since 1996 (participating in the Olympics didn’t happen), my dream finally reappeared, transformed into a desire to help others achieve their own. Being a coach became my new Olympics, my present dream.

Today, I have finally found my passion: to transmit, to guide, to change certain cultures to make the world a better place. Thanks to the experience I have had myself, I now coach my clients so that they can reach their full potential. Without a doubt, I know and I am convinced that I can help them.

This is how Actum Coaching
was born.

Meaning of Actum Coaching and Its Logo

Actum coaching
In Latin, actum means action. Being an action woman myself, this word is special to me and was an obvious choice. It implied that awareness, without action, cannot lead to the desired results.

I chose the Latin word because it represents the root of the word we use. Roots are essential. We can all draw in our roots to achieve our goals and well-being. My life as an athlete, daughter, wife and mom is filled with those occasions where I have drawn in my inner source. There I found the resources and courage to put myself into action, achieve my goals, live well and most importantly, become a better human. This is what I wish for everyone on their journey.

Meaning of the Actum Coaching Tree of Life

My tree, with its multiple roots, represents our inner self: where we first settle down, to draw our strength later. It is through these roots that the sap that nourishes us rises. The blue is a reminder of the water that is (and will always be) part of my life. Like us, the roots need water to grow, water being the source of life.

His body represents the coach, the one who guides with his inner strength (his authenticity, his balance, his knowledge, his intuition, his love) and the one who guides his clients according to their values, their beliefs, their dreams and their empowerment. Green is a reminder of the hope we all have to live a meaningful life, in line with our mission, whatever it may be.

His arms represent support, which is done with kindness and caring, with respect and sharing of emotions and human relationships.

His head represents the awareness of the client. It is the image of the change that takes place, of the right to choose oneself, to believe in oneself, to trust and to acquire the knowledge to grow and move forward.

Finally, its foliage represents all the possibilities that are open to us. It reaches towards the sky, taking height and expansion, evoking the emergence and the achievement of full potential. Yellow is a reminder of the colour of gold, of our essence, wonder and quintessence.

It is through all the
meanings of this tree
of life that I wish to
share the adventure of
a powerful coaching with you.

My Philosophy

What I want more than anything is to support you with a solid and powerful guidance throughout your desire for change, to guide you towards your full potential and bring out all of your possibilities. I can achieve all of this it by being authentic, passionate, agile, responsible, and balanced.

My philosophy is to work my way through life easily and comfortably, always staying connected to my heart.

My Mission

My mission is to guide managers, employees, athletes, and sports coaches (amateur or professional) in the development of their leadership, the achievement of their objectives and the humanization of their professionals and sports environments. I want to help in making these environments healthy, respectful, dynamic, and successful. I wish to take part in the development of each person, in their accomplishment and the achievement of their full potential, in recognition, respect and well-being.

My mission is also to foster rich and healthy relationships within companies and sports teams through powerful, authentic, passionate, and courageous coaching. All of this, to develop the self-awareness, empowerment, and balance of my clients, while always respecting their desires and goals.

By drawing from your own roots, I wish to guide you in the deployment of your talents and in your life transitions, towards the emergence of all your possibilities.

My Values

Authenticity, passion, joy, wit, listening, respect, guidance, sharing, kindness, professionalism, carefulness, confidentiality, courage, autonomy, accountability and healthy human relations.

My values are at the heart of my practice, and of the special relationship I have with my clients. They are the key to the development of their full potential.

My Vision

My dearest wish is that my clients live in a state of well-being, that they may attain this state by discovering and becoming aware of their inner capacities. I know my clients can achieve this if they transform their abilities into concrete and thoughtful actions, if they are guided skillfully to reach their goals, and their full potential.

My vision is to offer individuals, groups or teams coaching services to managers, professionals, athletes and sports coaches who wish to evolve. Whether it is to improve their leadership, time management, priorities and goals, work-life balance or others, my objective is to help my clients live, work and perform in an environment that is healthy for them and for their surroundings.

I want to see you become inspired and inspiring managers and coaches. Whether you are an employee, an athlete or a professional, I hope to see you achieve your greatest dreams by moving forward in a healthy and positive way in your career or post-career. I want to see you achieve your full potential.

I want to help you feel a deep sense of belonging, discover what makes you tick, live in line with your values and desires, find what anchors you in life and the courage it takes to take responsibility for your goals, your balance and your well-being.

Why Choose Actum Coaching?

By choosing Actum, in addition to your coaching, you benefit from:

  • A free 30-minute introductory meeting
  • The opportunity to answer a satisfaction survey
  • The perks of real-time feedback with your coach
  • The chance to have a free one-hour follow-up session, within three months of the end of the coaching (via Zoom)
  • The chance to have a free 30-minute follow-up session, within six months of the end of the coaching (by phone)
  • Access to all the video clips and articles on my website
  • A surprise gift shipped to mark your birthday
  • The opportunity to participate in various contests by following me on my Facebook page
  • The chance to inspire and promote your journey (or your company’s) by posting your testimonial on my website

An Ecological and Holistic Company

Ecological values are important to me. My interest in environmental protection took root during various trips to Mexico and Belize. Through my scuba diving excursions in remote natural environments, sacred forests and cenotes (chasms forming underground water systems), I had the chance to meet great people that are greatly unknown … the Mayas. My love and respect for this community, for what their people try to preserve (their fauna, their flora, their fragile ecosystems), are at the source of the decision I took to decrease my ecological footprint.

I have taken concrete actions in my business and choose to offer coaching sessions on hybrid modes in order to minimize my gas consumption and my carbon footprint. I use my website and digital platforms and I always opt to share digital documents over paper ones.

I also offer, if wanted, to integrate a holistic approach to my coaching. This approach allows for stress management through visualization exercises, meditation, breathing, listening to 432 Hz music (the earth and the human being vibration) and symbolic reading of song lyrics. For those who wish to go further in that sense, I can also provide energetic and vibrational treatments through Unity drumming, reiki and Swedish massage. These methods are known to promote the development of mindfulness and well-being and are intimately linked to nature and our environment.